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We Are Appstun

We're creating the best in mobile usage by making apps that change the way people use phone.


At Appstun, we create unique mobile solutions for individuals. We put an enormous amount of effort into our apps to create the best mobile experience.

With our experienced team, we analyze users' needs and wishes and develop the most accurate products that solve users' pain points. Our technologies are custom and fast. Our creative and talented team makes our apps look incredible, while enhancing users' life.

Creating an app for iOS and Android can be a great challenge for any company. For us, creating these apps is a commitment and joy. We create more than one app per month, and we have many new features on the roadmap for our apps! We make sure that every single app is perfect for you and that you love it.

What We Are About


We aim to be one of the best mobile solution companies in the world. We've accomplished so many things and reached many users as a small team.


We care about creativity a lot. Making our app unique-looking and super useful with high-quality UI/UX Designs is a crucial step in app development for us.


We truly believe that the most important thing in apps is usability. Trying to create useful products that solves our users' pains and problems is our biggest mission. Beside of that, we try to keep our apps simple to be understandable for anyone.

Meet our Values

Our studios

We are location independent.

Where you work from is not important for us as long as you do the work. As Appstun, we believe that everybody should have the freedom and joy of working remotely. That's why we don't have an office.

We’d Love to Collaborate With You

As Appstun, we care about small developers who would like to sell their apps to us. If are have an app that you believe has the potential to help users, reach us.

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