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AutoSnap Keyboard

Utilites - Free

Auto Paste keyboard app that will save you thousands of minutes.

Get AutoSnap Keyboard to maximize your efficiency, spam your friends and have fun!

4.9 Rating


"This is honestly on of the apps that I use every single day. I'm glad that the developer made it!"

Wang Wai

"I love being able to paste texts easily and spam my friends on tiktok and snapchat. It's worth every penny I sent"

Jose Pablo

"I use this app for my work. I'm a customer support and actually AutoSnap does %90 of my job lol"

Priya Gunga

Auto Pasting Texts has never been easier!

You can use AutoSnap Keyboard with any app! It's a free, fast, and easy keyboard app to help you auto-paste your texts without switching other places to copy. It'll save you a lot of time.

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