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Image by Patrick di Fusco

Background Remover

Graphics & Design - Free

Remove and change backgrounds of any photo with ease.

AI-powered background removing, changing, and blurring algorithm. Has almost %100 success rate at removing the background of photos.

4.7 Rating


"I've spent the last hour trying a bunch of background removal apps. This one is the best so far- it's straight to the point with an attractive, simple UI and a good support."

Jorge Moto

"So far so good. I needed to have the background removed for a picture I wanted to use, and this app worked perfectly. Very easy to use and does exactly as advertised."

Leo Blossom

"Have it on my personal phone (bought the yearly premium) and had to get it on my work phone. Perfect for quick cut out to make memes"

Ali Tak

Remove & Blur Any Background With a Tap.

Background Eraser is an application in which you can remove unwanted backgrounds from the pictures and style up your pictures with different features! We don't apply Watermarks to photos since we know it's annoying.

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