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Sell your App

As Appstun, we appreciate and support small developers by buying their apps. It is not a requirement for your app to be live and have revenue. We can also purchase an app that you haven't released yet. We can also evaluate the projects you prepared as a hobby but lost your enthusiasm.

In this way, you will create a budget for a new project and we will have a new app to work on.

What we Buy

Our Expectations from you, and your app

  • You have to be determined to sell. Do not give up after the process progresses.

  • We are looking for apps. Not games. But we also appreciate games that has a current income.

  • We are not interested in projects that require content updates (eg: a blog app, trivia games or apps, a fortune-telling app, etc.)

  • Your app must be publishable. We are not looking for black-hat apps that app stores won't accept (e.g: youtube downloader, app patcher, hacker tools etc.)

Interested in collaborating with us?

Tell Us Your App

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